(“SPQ Programs” are priced by number of sessions)

Hockey, soccer or football players; the SPQ program is for EVERY athlete. No matter how many sessions you sign up for, each session can be used for approximately 55 minutes of: skating treadmill, running treadmill, strength training, or plyometrics. Plyometrics encompass core training, foot speed and conditioning. Certain athletes will also utilize our patented sport cord technology to improve coordination and explosiveness. Sport cords can be used at each station. If you’re new to Acceleration we suggest you first try our 6-Week SPQ Program. For the more dedicated athlete we suggest the 8 Week or longer SPQ Speed Pass. After you complete your first program you may want to consider a 6-week, 4-week,  or Maintenance Program. This will help maintain the fitness increases from your first program. For all programs, sessions expire 6 months from start date. We also offer group discounts, so sign up together with friends or teammates.

When you sign up for a SPQ Program you’ll either choose Hockey or All Running Sports. You guessed it, if you’re playing ANY running sport (Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, etc.) you probably won’t need the hockey treadmill option.