Wayzata High School LAX Training with Acceleration Northwest

  • ~90 minute team training sessions (20-24 athletes)
  • Components of Training – Running Treadmill, Plyometrics, Strength
  • Training Dates: February 13th – March 29th
  • Monday and Wednesday – 5:00-6:30pm 

Cost: $145 for each athlete

Components of Training


Research has shown that incline running on our unique, hydraulically controlled treadmill provides 200-300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for increasing and maintaining speed, than running level at the same stride frequency. This specialized training is crucial for improving the overall speed, agility, and acceleration needed for all sports. Along with the strength and power gained for the running treadmill, the trainers focus on sprint mechanics to make athletes more efficient runners.


Plyometric training includes a variety of footwork drills and exercises that enhance an athlete’s performance and ability to stay balanced and change directions quickly and explosively.


Through the use of specially designed weight equipment and an individualized program, lacrosse athletes can develop and increase their overall strength base, contributing to more forceful shots on goal, explosiveness on the field and being stronger on the ball.

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