Dave’s Hockey Camp is entering its third year this summer, but this season it will be teaming up with Acceleration Northwest for the off ice training. On ice training will be at Brooklyn Park Activity Center consisting of high paced skills, drills and small area games designed for skating, hands, compete, scoring, body positioning and hockey sense.

The groups will be capped off at a maximum of 24 skaters. The grades are determined by what grade you are going into for the upcoming school year, if your son/daughter plays with a different level as their grade, please contact.

Off ice training is in conjunction with Acceleration Northwest. Acceleration will work with the kids to build their speed, strength and athletic training. Skating treadmill will be used for at least half the sessions at the facility in Plymouth. The other half of the dry land sessions will not require transportation and will be done at Brooklyn Park Activity Center with Acceleration trainers.

Goalie training will be provided by Attitude Goaltending.

It will be a 10-week program running from June, July and August.