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Forged Fit Personal Training

WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM FITNESS & NUTRITIONAL PLANS TO SUITE EVERY BODY, VISION AND GOAL. Our mission is to inspire peak performance in all aspects. We are dedicated to providing our clients with solid nutrition, fitness, and science based information that will promote a maintainable healthy lifestyle. Every plan we create is customized to each […]

Track Program with Tiffini Keefer

Acceleration Northwest Track Program with Tiffini Keefer Monday-Friday after school & Sunday Evenings November – March Pricing: 18 Sessions: $499 12 Sessions: $399   Summary of Qualifications: Hard Working, Dependable Communication Skills Determination Leadership Customer Service: St. Olaf College Assistant Track and Field Coach (September 1998 – 2000) Coached technique and form sprints/jumps/PV Implemented and […]

Elite Baseball Training Program

OFF-SEASON OVERALL BODY CONDITIONING This is an off-season intense training program for baseball athletes. This program consists of 10 weeks of overall body conditioning 3 times a week for 1.5 hours per training period. Along with the overall body conditioning, a one hour baseball specific mechanical training session for pitching and /or hitting is included. […]

Pick 6 – Summer Hockey Development Program

Hockey athletes that want to work on the skills of hockey, speed for all sports, and strength and power should look into our new “PICK 6” athletic development program. Athletes will spend 24 hours over an 8 week period on becoming a BETTER ATHLETE as well as a better hockey player. By training in June and July, this program […]

NW Reward Program

    Rewards can be used towards any future full price programs including Speed Passes, and Baseball Camps. Rewards can also be gifted to friends or other family members. Acceleration Northwest’s training programs use innovative fitness technology, plyometrics and agility to help you sprint correctly and improve your overall speed.  

Training Ropes

Fitness ropes are an excellent fitness tool that are increasing in popularity for great reasons: they provide a killer workout and are a lot of fun. You’ll see amazing results in muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, and fat burning – and it’s not often you find a tool versatile enough to address all those areas at […]

Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are boxes used as platforms for plyometric exercise, such as box jumps or depth jumps. Our boxes have a variety of heights for different ability levels. Plyo boxes are used for explosive jump and speed training with our plyometrics. Plyo Box Jumping is a critical aspect of plyometric training because the exercises use […]

Training with Large Tires

Tire training can add a new dimension to your strength and conditioning program regardless of what sports you play or your level of athletic ability. The strength and aerobic benefits of tire training can enhance your performance in all sports from gymnastics to football. Tire training is one of the best total body strength and […]