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Cardio/Strength Program - 30 or 60 minute sessions

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Our Mission

We’ll tip the scales of sport in your favor. Whether it’s adding 4 inches of height on a vertical jump or subtracting 0.4 seconds from an athlete’s 40-yard dash. Our proven methods safely push you past your limits – increasing the competitive skills required to be a champion: Speed, First-step Quickness, Explosive Power, Lateral Movement Skills, Dynamic Stability and Overall Athletic Conditioning.


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Speed, Power, Quickness

6-week, 4-week or maintenance: customized programs that allow you to train up to three times per week.

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SPQ Speed Pass

1 month to 1 year, the speed pass allows you to train 3-4 times per week for the length of your pass.

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Training Specials

Seasonal and sport specific training to get you into peak shape before you begin your season.

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Our Facilities

Our facilities are compact and organized for maximum effectivness for intense sessions. Click on some of the thumbnails in the gallery to the left or stop in and see it for yourself. View our contact pages for Plymouth and Ramsey for hours and directions. A couple of examples of our stations are:

  • HOCKEY TREADMILL: Our patented hockey treadmill is designed to accommodate varying speeds and elevations to target the two components of speed, stride length and stride frequency.
  • SUPER RUNNING TREADMILL: This treadmill provides 200-300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for increasing and maintaining speed, than running on level ground at the same stride frequency.
  • PLYOMETRICS: Plyometric training includes a variety of footwork drills and special exercises that enhance an athlete’s ability to stay balanced and explosively change directions.

Acceleration Northwest
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COON RAPIDS, Minn. — Young hockey players in Coon Rapids are proving they’re dedicated to the sport both on and off the ice.

The Coon Rapids Ice Center is now home to AccelerationNW dry land hockey training facility, composed of plyometrics and a large treadmill built for hockey skates.